Starter Kit

Our starter kit is ultra complete.
Mme & Co pocket diapers can be mixed with the all-in-ones in the same starter kit for the same price!
Please select your diapers in the cloth diapers section. Prices will adjust according to the amount of diapers in your shopping cart.
Each set comes with a medium wetbag OR a laundry wetbag for FREE!
The bamboo inserts (2) are all included in our sets. Refer to the products to see the composition and absorption.

Option 1
Ideal for those who already have diapers and want to complete their diaper stash
12 to 19 diapers (1 FREE medium wetbag)
One Size: Starting at 175$
Newborn: Starting from 137.88$

Option 2
Ideal for those who want to start their cloth diaper stash
20 diapers and more (1 FREE laundry wetbag )
One size: Starting at 275$
Newborn: Starting from 220$